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World Leader Speaks Out About Joe Biden and Border Crisis

( – Americans have been getting increasingly angry at President Joe Biden and his administration over the last couple of months for their botched handling of immigration policy. Now, it appears the border crisis is attracting critics from outside the US as well.

On Wednesday, June 9, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei spoke with Fox News about the situation at the border, aiming firm criticism at American leaders for failing to send a “clear message” with regard to immigration policy. Giammattei claimed that the administration’s promises to “reunite families” and “reunite children” had incentivized human traffickers to ramp up their operations.

He said the “coyotes” had used the administration’s “humanitarian messages” for their own nefarious purposes, persuading people to attempt entry to the US to make more money. This, he said, led to the crowding of the border by migrants from Guatemala and elsewhere.

Giammattei’s comments came a day before Vice President Kamala Harris’ arrival in Guatemala to address the crisis. 

Given the extensive criticism of her failure to visit the border despite being assigned to manage the situation months ago, this trip was likely designed to boost Harris’ image. Alejandro Giammattei’s comments have, no doubt, flown in the face of this objective.

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