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Woman Facing Multiple Felonies for Attacking Trump Supporters

( – In the current mainstream media landscape, you never have to look too far to see a story about a crime or wrongdoing by a conservative politician or commentator. Of course, they’re far less inclined to publish these kinds of stories about Liberals when they emerge.

Tatiana Rita Turner

On Wednesday, January 21, reports emerged about charges against Tatiana Rita Turner, a left-wing activist from California. Turner, who’s 40 years of age, is alleged to have driven her car into a group of pro-Trump demonstrators in Yorba Linda, California, in September of last year. 

Two people sustained serious injuries in the attack. At the time of the offense, Turner was arrested and charged with an attepted felony murder with premeditation and deliberation. She also faced six counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of mayhem, and two counts of pepper spray used by a felon (all these were felony charges).

She faced a further charge this week of a felony count of using a stun gun. This is related to an attack she allegedly perpetrated on a Trump supporter during the same protests.

It doesn’t stop there. On Wednesday, January 20, additional felony charges against Turner were announced. These related to assaults she allegedly carried out during a police brutality protest in Seal Beach, beating two men with a steel rod. Having already suffered other attacks, both men were lying on the ground at the time.

The Victims

Luckily, no one died during or in the aftermath of these events. However, that’s not to say there weren’t severe consequences.

One woman suffered especially severe injuries when Turner’s car apparently drove over her head. She was hospitalized for a number of months. Another Trump supporter suffered a broken leg, also after being run over.

Did the media report on this fairly, highlighting these crimes as the acts of political terrorism they were? Of course not. As highlighted in the below tweet, they made every possible effort to avoid dealing with the background and motivation behind them.

Left-leaning commentators and politicians have spent the last four years laughing at the idea of “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” dismissing it as a conservative trope. If Turner’s alleged crimes aren’t evidence that the condition is, in fact, a real thing, it’s hard to imagine what is. Being passionate about your politics is one thing, but attempting to kill those who disagree with you is another.

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