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Will This Be the Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever?

( – Holidays are right around the corner, with Thanksgiving less than a month away. Unless prices deflate by November 25, this Thanksgiving could be the most expensive one to date. The Biden administration urges people to get out and buy their holiday supplies early this year, but it may even be too late for that. 

While experts warn that due to inflation, prices on everything from cranberry sauce to the turkey will be higher than ever, it’s not only the prices that are a problem; supply chain issues could add to Thanksgiving trouble as well. 

Prices of groceries are higher than they were during Trump’s presidency. Thanksgiving can already put a strain on the finances of some families, and it’s only going to be worse this year. Subsequently, the holiday will prove expensive for everyone, but not all will enjoy the holiday as they have before. Wealthy families might have the ability to buy items they need at inflated prices, but not every family has that luxury. 

High prices are bad enough, but the closer the holiday gets, the less likely people will be able to find what they need in the face of shortages. Some families might even discover themselves going without this year.

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