White House Trying to Back Away From Israel Crisis

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(TheConservativeNews.org) – The past week has brought a tragic re-escalation of the long-running conflict between Israel and Palestine. After the latter fired over 200 rockets at Israeli targets, Israel responded in kind, using fighter jets, attack helicopters, and rocket strikes. As of May 13, 90 people had lost their lives, with several hundred more having suffered injuries.

The Biden Administration’s Response

President Joe Biden’s response to this situation has, thus far, been largely indifferent. On Tuesday, May 11, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki expressed the administration’s support for Israel’s “legitimate right to defend itself.” However, she also criticized Israel for its policy of evicting Palestinians in disputed areas, claiming this would negatively impact attempts to find “a solution to the conflict.” She made this remark despite the fact the initial rocket strikes were the work of Hamas, a major Palestinian terrorist group.

The State Department adopted a similarly ambivalent tone in a statement earlier this week. Spokesman Ned Price mentioned the “right to safety and security” of Palestinians, suggesting Israeli retaliation to rocket attacks amounted to an unfair breach of that right.

Critics have slammed the Biden administration’s failure to make a stronger stand in favor of Israel, which is one of America’s staunchest allies in the Middle East.

US-Israel Relations Under Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump took a very different approach when it came to diplomacy in the Middle East. Never an advocate of armed conflict, Trump prioritized the establishment of peace agreements between Israel and its neighbors. The historic Abraham Accords set up peace treaties between Israel and both Bahrain and the UAE.

While Trump did not promote war, he understood the importance of honoring America’s allegiance to Israel. He released a statement this week in which he said “America must always stand with Israel.” He also referred to the “swift retribution” that would occur if Israel found itself under attack.

Clearly, this is yet another departure Joe Biden has taken from the policies of his predecessor. As long as radicals are allowed to pull the strings in Washington, DC, it appears Israel will not enjoy the level of American support it should.

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