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White House Tries to Downplay Harris’ Lack of Action

(TheConservativeNews.org) – The crisis on our southwest border continues to get worse. Earlier this month, Forbes reported that the number of recorded illegal border crossings in April 2021 was the highest in decades. The response to it (or lack thereof) is being downplayed.

To look at our Democratic leaders, however, you wouldn’t think there was a problem at all. President Joe Biden has studiously avoided even referring to it as a crisis, and Vice President Kamala Harris (who is supposed to be in charge of the situation) has yet to even visit the border.

On Monday, May 24, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fielded a question about whether the VP has any plans to assess the border situation first-hand. Psaki dodged the issue, making reference to the vice-presidential portfolio and mentioning that Harris might visit the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador) “at some point soon.”

This does not sound like the sort of commitment that’s required to address a problem of this magnitude. The time for Joe Biden and his staff to start taking this issue seriously is long past.

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