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White House Silent After Family Presumed Taken By Cartels

( – A lot of the time, Liberals will discuss border control issues in the context of “compassion.” They’ll appeal to you to think of how difficult it must be for the people on the other side, fleeing famine or political unrest, in search of nothing more than a safe existence. This sounds like a compelling case, but it completely ignores the dangers liberal immigration regimes pose to Americans.

Unfortunately, it looks like we may have received a chilling reminder of these dangers over the weekend. On Sunday, June 20, Breitbart reported on the potential kidnapping of an American family by Mexican cartel members while traveling through a border area of Mexico on their way back to the US. 

Relatives of the family, who were traveling from Nuevo Leon in Mexico to Laredo, Texas, contacted authorities when they failed to show up at their destination and stopped answering their cell phones. 

Despite the disappearance of these three American citizens, President Joe Biden has not acknowledged the situation publicly as of Monday, June 21.

Authorities believe Gladys Cristina Perez Sanchez and her two children may have been taken captive by the Los Zetas Cartel, which is regarded as one of Mexico’s most dangerous criminal gangs. The cartel’s influence in Nuevo Leon is so great the Mexican government cannot maintain control of the area. Local police south of the border have received reports of several such highway kidnappings in this vicinity recently.

This is the sort of lawlessness our border police protect us from. Can you imagine what the US would be like if we had the kind of open borders regime the Democrats appear to want?

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