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WH Press Secretary Was Called Out For Lying…

( – White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Tuesday she has been ‘forthcoming’ as she was grilled about the classified documents found in Joe Biden’s possession, but she repeatedly referred questions to other federal entities.

She argued the president has been answering questions on the matter on the same day that he sat, smiling in silence, as he ignored inquiries being asked by the press. In an Oval Office meeting with Netherlands’ Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Biden smirked as shouting reporters were led from the room.

Meanwhile, Jean-Pierre argued that ‘we have addressed multiple questions from here. Multiple questions have been answered by the President.’

The press secretary has been in defensive mode, with her answers getting snappier and snappier – as the White House has struggled to explain how the various tranches of classified material were discovered in Biden’s D.C. think tank and in his Wilmington, Delaware, home. 

Additionally, officials have struggled to explain why the discoveries weren’t promptly disclosed publicly, saying they followed a ‘process’ and immediately notified the National Archives, a private federal agency.

Jean-Pierre has been under repeated questioning. She finally admitted her press office didn’t know about the existence of the classified files until CBS News contacted the White House for comment on its story that sparked the administration’s public admission they had found the documents. 

The media is having a hard time believing anything that Jean-Pierre is saying, reporter James Rosen asked if she was sorry that she’d told them something false at least six times. 

In total, there have been four discoveries of classified Documents. At the Penn-Biden Center, a think tank in Washington, D.C.; in Biden’s garage at his Wilmington, Del., home; one document discovered in his ‘personal library’ in the same home and then four more documents found in his home.

All date back to Biden’s time as vice president under Barack Obama but the White House won’t answer as to what topics the materials cover. 


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