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WH Press Secretary Faced Backlash For Insensitive Statement…

(TheConservativeNews.org) – White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre provoked massive backlash Thursday when she portrayed the transgender community as victims only days after a “transgender man” committed a mass shooting at a Christian school in Nashville.

She offered the offensive portrayal after being questioned during a press briefing about “the White House’s message” for both lawmakers who’re enacting so-called “anti-trans” bills and the protesters who’ve been “protesting” against these bills.

“I know that the White House released a proclamation for Trans Day of Visibility. There is a march happening tomorrow to commemorate this day but also to protest these types of bills that are continuing to be passed and advanced in legislatures across the country,” a reporter said.

Note that these so-called “peaceful” protests include a “Trans Day of Vengeance.”

“What is the White House’s message to these lawmakers that are passing these bills and to those who are taking to the streets to protest them?” the reporter then asked.

In response, Jean-Pierre launched into a defensive rant about the transgender community.

She said:

“We’ve been very clear about these anti-LBGT bills that we’re seeing in state legislatures across the country in particular these anti-trans bills, as they attacks trans kids, attack trans parents. It is shameful…

“And one of the things we saw during the midterm elections is that people don’t want their freedoms taken.

“They want us to fight foir their freedoms. And so it is shameful, it is disturbing

“Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now.”

The backlash to KJP’s response was swift.


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