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Waymo Pulling Cars From California Fearing Election Unrest

( – Concerns about public unrest arising from the presidential election have been increasingly widespread over the last few days. With the final results still uncertain, some individuals and businesses are choosing to take as few chances as possible with their property.

On Tuesday, November 3, Waymo took its self-driving cars off the road. The company (which is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet) has been developing autonomous vehicles since 2009. It currently has a fleet of cars in San Francisco, which will now be off the road until Thursday. The vehicles are to be stored at a secure location out of fear that rioters might damage them.

As you can see from the following video, these fears are well-founded. Protests have already begun in different areas around the country.

With the level of destruction we’ve seen across America over the last few months, it’s entirely understandable that Waymo would take this step. While it’s not surprising, it’s no less sad that it’s necessary.

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