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Watchdog Finds Names of 21,000 Deceased on Pennsylvania Voter Rolls (REPORT)

( – In yet another twist to this year’s presidential election saga, there have now been reports of deceased people appearing on Pennsylvania’s voter rolls. On Thursday, November 5, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a lawsuit, which claimed the state did not adequately maintain its records.

As part of the lawsuit, the plaintiffs alleged the state’s voter records contain the names of at least 21,000 dead people. They further claim 92% of these registrants have been dead for over a year, and that 197 have been dead for longer than two decades.

Pennsylvania was a crucial battleground in this year’s presidential race. Joe Biden supposed “victory” was there with 49.8% of the vote, compared to Donald Trump’s 49.1%.

It appears that the Democrats’ defense of the voting system isn’t viable. Major examinations of the results coming from swing states are required to confirm their vote counts were truly accurate.

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