Virginia Democrats Have Lost Their Minds

Virginia Democrats Have Lost Their Minds

( – It’s kind of unbelievable that so many prominent Democrats all over the country are refusing to condemn the riots and crime that’s spread amongst blue cities this summer. It’s almost like they condone the violence. But, on August 26, Democrats in the Virginia State Senate took things to a whole new level.

They passed a controversial bill reclassifying the assault of police officers to a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Senate Bill 5032 also removes the mandatory prison sentence of six months that comes with the crime. The bill is currently moving forward in the Virginia General Assembly special session.

According to WSLS News, the Virginia bill would not only reduce the penalties for assaulting cops, but it would also do the same for assault and battery against judges, magistrates, correctional officers, firefighters, and EMTs. 

That’s not all. 

No matter what the assailant does, if there’s no injury, they won’t face further charges.

Republicans Speak Out

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) put it perfectly when he tweeted this move was “unhinged.” He added that Liberal politicians were endangering law enforcement and first responders and fueling the violent riots. Democrats are declaring “open season on public servants,” he said.

It’s hard to understand what could be going through the minds of these Dems. They must somehow think the violence works for them politically. But, to overlook, if not promote, assaults against police officers? This goes beyond Liberal policy and getting their way, it’s downright dangerous.

The Virginia bill is receiving fierce backlash, and it should. We must speak out when the Left tries something like this—every single time.

The bottom line is that Democrats want more than anything to tear down the American system of law and order. They want chaos because, when there’s chaos and violence, it’s easier for them to make a power grab.

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