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VA GOP Calls for Removal of McAuliffe From Ballot

( – Everyone knows how important it is to sign and date official documents. You would imagine, given the quantity of such documentation they deal with every week, that this would be doubly obvious to a public representative. However, Virginia’s former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe appears to have something of a blind spot for these kinds of formalities.

On Thursday, August 26, the Virginia GOP filed a lawsuit in Richmond Circuit Court seeking to have McAuliffe removed from the ballot for the state’s upcoming gubernatorial election. The motion alleges McAuliffe’s declaration of candidacy form is invalid because he didn’t sign it. Furthermore, the complaint states the two staffers who served as official witnesses of the signing did so falsely. The Republicans said the faulty declaration is “plainly in violation of Virginia law.”

Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin currently trails McAuliffe in the polls. If he manages to overturn that deficit, he would be the first Republican to hold the office of governor in Virginia in 12 years.

Allies and supporters of McAuliffe have slammed this effort by the GOP. His campaign said the lawsuit was “desperate.” However, the fact remains that a candidate for a gubernatorial office needs to have respect for proper procedures. This oversight is not acceptable for a figure with the potential to win as much power as his seat possesses.

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