USPS Whistleblower Jesse Morgan Says FBI Has Interrogated Him (REPORT)

USPS Whistleblower Jesse Morgan Says FBI Has Interrogated Him (REPORT)

( – There have been several stories of voter fraud, electoral mismanagement, and intimidation of whistleblowers since this year’s election. These are, by their nature, difficult to verify. However, as they say, there’s never smoke without fire.

On Tuesday, December 8, USPS whistleblower Jesse Morgan gave an interview on War Room: Pandemic. Morgan drove a truck containing as many as 288,000 ballots to a USPS depot in late October. Both the truck and the ballots within subsequently disappeared. 

When Morgan attempted to raise the alarm about this, he did not get the reception he expected. FBI agents, as well as officials from the USPS’s law enforcement branch, met with him to discuss his story. Instead of interacting productively with him, however, Morgan alleges the agents interrogated him before asking questions about his family.

Jesse Morgan’s story is just the latest in a series of revelations about the election that are giving us cause to question the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s apparent victory. There’s still time for a court challenge to make a difference to the outcome ahead of the Electoral College’s official vote.

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