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US Troops Threatening to Quit Over Forced Vaccinations

( – Vaccination is being touted as the most important tool in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. Many believe that due to the rapidly climbing inoculation rates across the country, people in most areas of the US have been able to return to a more normal version of life than was possible during the depths of the pandemic. However, the idea of mandatory vaccination is causing real disagreement in some circles.

One such circle is the military. Internal communications within the armed forces have suggested mandatory vaccinations could be in place as soon as September, but many operatives are unhappy about this. Some have threatened to quit the military if a mandatory vaccination measure is introduced.

Luckily for the concerned troops, they have a voice on their side in Washington, DC. On Monday, July 5, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) tweeted his support for them with the post below. Massie introduced HR 3860 to prohibit mandatory vaccinations for military personnel, and the legislation now has 23 other sponsors. 

Vaccination rates continue to rise within the military, as they do elsewhere in society; as of July 2, around 70% of the Army was vaccinated. However, when it comes to those who would prefer not to receive the inoculation, it is imperative we respect their right to choose.

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