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US Senate Leaders Delay Biden Nominee

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Several of President Joe Biden’s picks for cabinet and administration picks have encountered resistance from Conservatives. Perhaps the most notable example is Neera Tanden, who had to withdraw her nomination as head of the Office of Management and Budget after a number of Republicans objected to her. Now, it looks like another administration nominee could be in trouble. 

On Wednesday, June 9, Fox News reported on efforts by leading Republicans to delay the confirmation of Kiran Ahuja, who Joe Biden nominated to head up the Office of Personnel Management. 

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is leading the effort to prevent Ahuja from taking office. Hawley pointed to Ahuja’s history as a proponent of the highly controversial critical race theory, which essentially proposes that American society is inherently racist. 

Hawley noted that Ahuja regards critical race theorists as “thought leaders.” He also pointed out that appointing her would effectively funnel tax dollars toward the promotion of the theory.

The White House released a statement defending Ahuja, but it failed to comment on the issue of critical race theory. However, it’s likely this ideology was part of the reason for her nomination.

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