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US Military Now Deploying “Woke” Gender Advisers

( – The US withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster. The Taliban now controls the country, and America isn’t cleaning up its act. The US military left thousands of Americans and visa holders stranded in the Middle Eastern region. Are they making any attempts to recover these people? No.

Instead, the US military is sending gender advisers to a base in Wisconsin in wake of abuse and the sexual assault of children. While there’s no doubt that these matters are serious, the military has far bigger issues on its plate.

Aside from abuse claims, gender and protection services look to help with childcare emergencies as well as hardships that could occur with the looming winter season. Still, most people hope the US military would prioritize getting Americans out of Afghanistan, where one can only imagine what people are going through with the barbaric Taliban in control.

Or perhaps the military could focus on the fact that China recently tested a hypersonic missile with nuclear capabilities that successfully circled the entire globe in low orbit.

The US military was once the apex predator in the world. While it’s still a formidable force, if the United States doesn’t get its priorities straight, the entire free world could be in danger. 

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