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University Faces Backlash for Joe Biden Event

(TheConservativeNews.org) – President Joe Biden is the second Catholic to ever occupy the White House. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone in the church supports him. In fact, religious activists are upset with a decision by Ohio’s Mount St. Joseph University, a Catholic school, to host an event featuring the president. 

According to July 20 reports, Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati sent an email to Archbishop Dennis Schnurr decrying the university’s decision to host a CNN town hall with the president. The organization called the event “unacceptable” and asked the Archbishop to stop it from happening. They also wanted the religious leader to “make a public statement about the gravity of the sin of abortion.” 

Archbishop Schnurr responded to the criticism, saying the university never contacted him about the event. A statement from his office said he would not have granted approval for a request to allow Biden to speak. It wasn’t a decision within his power, though. The university is “not under the direct oversight of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.”

The statement did not explain why the Archbishop would not have allowed the president to speak. 

Many Catholics and religious Americans do not support Biden’s positions on gay marriage and abortion. The Catholic Church is against both of those policies. During the 2020 presidential primaries, Biden was denied holy communion at a South Carolina church over his pro-choice stance. 

The university has not indicated it plans to cancel the event.

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