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Uncovering Big Tech’s Attempts to Silence Us in 2020

( – Big Tech’s preference for liberal talking points has been obvious for some time. However, it was only in 2020 that the extent of their willingness to actively censor Conservative voices became truly apparent.

Perhaps the most horrific example of conservative censorship came after the New York Post released the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. The evidence on that machine implicated both Hunter and his father Joe in highly unethical business dealings in Ukraine. The piece would have had explosive implications for Joe’s presidential campaign; however, Facebook and Twitter both limited its circulation almost immediately after it was posted.

YouTube’s more recent decision to ban content dealing with election fraud was also highly contentious. Despite the ongoing investigations into the various allegations and whistleblower reports of electoral fraud and mismanagement of votes, the platform refuses to show any content covering the story.

Conservatives often talk about the “silent majority.” In some instances, this silence came about because of a fear of judgment by Liberals. Now, it has just as much to do with the silence tech companies have begun to impose by force.

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