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Twitter Silences Conservatives in New Move

( – Twitter made headlines around the world when it banned then-President Donald Trump from its platform in January. It was the first time a major political figure was completely silenced on Twitter, and it outraged Conservatives and free speech advocates. Now, it appears that ban (which is ongoing) isn’t even enough for Twitter.

On Thursday, May 6, Newsweek reported that Twitter had just banned a number of accounts that shared Trump’s public comments as part of its approach to “ban evasion.” 

These bans follow the establishment of Trump’s new blog, entitled “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” this week. Trump uses the platform in a similar way as he did his social media pages, when they were his to post on. The blog does not allow for user interaction, but visitors can subscribe to its email newsletter or share its content on Facebook and Twitter.

This last functionality appears to be a problem, however; most of the content on the banned Twitter pages appears to have been copied directly from Trump’s blog. It looks like the tech giant is steadfast in its determination to smother Donald Trump’s submissions on matters of public importance.

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