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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Stands Behind Inexcusably Banning Trump

( – The permanent bans handed down by tech giants Facebook and Twitter on President Donald Trump’s accounts were an unprecedented assault on freedom of expression. However, those in charge of the platforms don’t appear to see it that way.

On Thursday, January 14, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey published his views on the matter of Donald Trump’s de-platforming in a series of tweets. While he claimed not to “celebrate or feel pride” in the removal of the president, he stated it was necessary to prevent “offline harm as a result of online speech.”

Dorsey’s long, meandering statement mentioned “inconsistencies” in the way his team manages bans and other sanctions. This is a transparent attempt to pretend there’s some kind of equality between the treatment received by Liberals and that received by Conservatives on Twitter. The fact is, left-leaning commentators can do as they please, while right-wing voices are continually punished.

Donald Trump may be the first major conservative leader to be completely silenced; however, if this trend is allowed to persist, he won’t be the last.

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