Twitter Censors Alleged Photos of Migrant Center

Twitter Censors Alleged Photos of Migrant Center

( – Big Tech censorship became a subject of national debate during election season last year, most notably when Twitter and Facebook curtailed access to a damning New York Post story about Hunter Biden. Just because Donald Trump has left the White House, however, doesn’t mean tech giants have stopped pushing their agenda.

On Monday, March 22, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe shared the below tweet. The video on the post looks at the conditions endured by occupants of a border detention facility in Texas. Migrants can be seen lying on the ground, wrapped in metal foil. According to the video, the facility captured in the photographs is currently holding 600 males under the age of 18, and 3,000 detainees altogether.

When O’Keefe posted the video on Twitter, the platform hid the content behind a filter that informed users it was “potentially sensitive” material. This filter was later removed, with a Twitter spokesperson claiming it was applied by mistake. Of course, given the politically-charged nature of the material, and Twitter’s obvious, longstanding bias against Conservatives, this claim should be viewed with a certain degree of skepticism.

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