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Twitter Adds “Misleading” Label to Trump’s Verified and True Statement

( – The capacity of social media platforms to censor political content has become starkly evident in recent weeks. On Monday, October 26, Twitter gave us another frightening example of its partiality.

President Donald Trump posted a tweet that referred to issues with mail-in ballots and postal voting. Such problems are well-documented; we’ve heard numerous stories about lost, intercepted, or forged ballots. Despite this, Twitter analysts saw fit to mark the tweet as featuring “disputed” content and warn users that it might be misleading.

Since Twitter moved to censor the recent New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine, many people have been concerned about the platform’s approach to hosting political content. Despite this, Twitter is persisting in pushing its preferred narratives. We should be very concerned about the company’s ability to show this type of political favoritism.

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