Trump Will NOT Resign as Media Mob Tries to Pressure Him

Trump Will NOT Resign as Media Mob Tries to Pressure Him

( – The anti-Trump sentiment that’s been so prevalent in the media since 2015 has peaked over the last week. Despite persistent doubts about who actually orchestrated the protests on Capitol Hill, many people have landed the blame squarely at the feet of the president.

Unsurprisingly, Trump remains unfazed by all of this. On Sunday, January 10, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) appeared on Fox News to discuss the president’s intentions in the immediate future. Having spoken with Trump earlier that day, Gaetz confirmed the president had no intentions of resigning before his term was over, or “leaving the public stage at all.” 

Gaetz went on to express his continued support for Donald Trump, stating the president would continue to champion the “America First agenda.” He also condemned the “radical left-wing agenda” that would come with a Joe Biden presidency.

Despite the trials he’s had to endure during his time in the White House, Donald Trump’s enthusiasm for the job has never waned. Whatever your political opinions, it’s difficult to imagine anyone giving more to the role than he has.

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