Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Trump Will Keep Tariffs Against China for Second Term

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(TheConservativeNews.org) – Donald Trump hasn’t made a secret out of his views on China over the last number of months (or at any point during his presidency, really). For example, he has repeatedly stressed his view that China is to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic. On Thursday, October 9, the president doubled down on this when he stated he would maintain current trade tariffs with China if he wins re-election.

Promoting Economic Stability & Growth

During an interview with Fox News, Trump stated he would use Chinese tariffs to bolster our economy. He cited the billions of dollars America has already gained from the tariffs, much of which has gone toward farming subsidies.

The US has been imposing trade tariffs on Chinese imports since March 2018. The Trump administration first put the levies in place due to a perceived Chinese theft of American intellectual property. Despite a World Trade Organization ruling earlier this year that Trump’s tariffs violate international trade law, the president is keen to persist with them.

The Necessity of a Firm Stance

In fact, the Trump administration used the WTO ruling as an illustration of exactly why the tariffs are necessary. After the decision, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer claimed China was engaging in harmful practices in defiance of the WTO, and that unilateral action was the only option.

This story is particularly pertinent in the context of next month’s election. President Trump has repeatedly stated his opponent Joe Biden will adopt a much softer approach to China if he takes the presidency. Given Biden’s failure to effectively dispute this, we can only assume it is indeed the case.

This is an excellent example of President Trump’s no-nonsense attitude to protecting America’s interests. While other leaders, both here and abroad, are afraid to challenge China’s actions, he has never shied away from highlighting their wrongdoing. Should Joe Biden get elected this November, China is very unlikely to face such strong American opposition in the future.

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