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Trump Wants Biden to Take a Drug Test

( – In an Oval Office interview on August 26, President Trump said he noticed a significant improvement in Joe Biden’s debate performances at the end of the Democratic primaries. Trump believes that improvement was a result of Biden taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Because of his suspicions, the president wants tests given to both Biden and himself before the candidates’ first debate on September 29. 

During the primary season, Biden participated in 11 Democratic debates. Most of them involved a crowded field of candidates. But, on March 15, the final match-up was just between Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). On Wednesday, Trump said he saw a drastic improvement in that final contest compared to the earlier ones.

The president told reporters he didn’t know how Biden could’ve been so “incompetent” in the early debates and then “all of a sudden be okay” when he took on Bernie. “He wasn’t even coherent,” said Trump, in the first 10 debates. But then against Bernie, he was great. 

For POTUS, there could only be one explanation: he concluded by demanding a drug test.

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