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Trump Takes Aim at Democrat Leaders Over Vaccines

( – On Monday, September 7, President Trump hit back at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during the White House Press conference. The latter remarked that she would not accept Trump’s views on the likelihood of a COVID-19 vaccine being released in the near future. Denouncing Harris’ comments as “political rhetoric” that ignored scientific work in the area, the president called on the Democratic leaders to apologize.

On one hand, raising questions about vaccine research and production processes should be encouraged to ensure that all future recipients will be safe. However, as Jim Hanson points out here, Harris’ objections are based on nothing of the sort. She’s simply casting doubt on a potential vaccine in order to score political points.

Millions of Americans are likely to be left in doubt about vaccinations after these comments. At a time when COVID-19 continues to lay waste to both our public health framework and our economy, this move shows that Democrats are more concerned about their own agenda than the good of our nation.

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