Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Trump Suggests Clintons “Won’t Get Away” With Alleged Crimes After Probe News

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(TheConservativeNews.org) – Federal prosecutor John Durham’s probe into Russiagate just got more complicated. It appears he’s now been tasked with reviewing the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. 

Durham’s probe, which initially aimed to find out more about the FBI’s handling of allegations of Russian election interference, took on a broader scope as it progressed. Sources report Durham is comparing the two investigations and why former US Attorney John Huber failed to complete his inquiry.

Concrete revelations about misconduct at the Clinton Foundation would vindicate long-running suspicions the family is corrupt. They would also be highly ironic given the accusations Bill and Hillary Clinton have leveled at Trump over the course of his time in the White House.

In response to this story, Donald Trump shared the following tweet from David J Harris Jr on Sunday, September 27:

John Durham’s team has not made any statement about findings of corruption within the Clinton Foundation. Sources have also indicated the probe’s report will not be available until after November’s election. However, since the Clintons have been vocal Joe Biden supporters, it should give Americans something to consider ahead of the vote.

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