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Trump Screwed Over By Judge…

( – Former President Donald J. Trump is in the news yet again for another controversy.

Ever since Trump announced in 2015 that he would be running for president, his political rivals have been trying their best to get him to release his tax returns.

These efforts to publicize Trump’s tax returns stem from the idea that Trump has some irregularities in his tax returns which could have (at that time) caused problems for his presidency. So why are the Democrats still trying to make him release his tax returns?

Well, it is all political. They could not stop or impeach Trump during his time in office, so what they are trying to do now is they are trying to block him from another presidential run.

Trump has shown interest in running for president once again in 2024, and with such poor performance from the current Biden administration, people have started to miss Trump. So if Trump runs for president once again, it’s a good chance that he will win.

Trump does not want his private financial records out in public. His lawyers have countered the efforts to release his tax returns. They have also said that they aren’t just standing up for Donald Trump but for all future presidents who may be at risk of manipulation and bad-mouthing by their political rivals.

Judge Trevor McFadden, who Trump himself appointed, wrote the ruling to dismiss Trump’s request to block the release of his tax returns. In the written order, it is clear that McFadden does not encourage the idea of releasing tax returns for political gains but thinks that it is Congress’s decision to make and that it’s not his role to persuade or dictate the decisions to Congress.

One thing of interest is that Trump recently released a few years of his tax returns, and there wasn’t anything of significance in that. So we will have to wait and see how all of this turns out.


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