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Trump Says We’re Going to Finally Get Rid of Nancy Pelosi

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) infuriates Conservatives as frequently as anyone else in Washington, DC, if not more so. She orchestrated both of the failed impeachment attempts against former President Donald Trump. She also tries to create as confrontational an atmosphere in the House as possible, such as with her draconian mask-wearing rules. 

Most Republicans would be glad to see an end to Pelosi’s reign in the House. That might be why there was such excitement at a Republican dinner in North Carolina on Saturday, June 5. That’s when former President Donald Trump announced “we’ll get rid of Nancy Pelosi” in 2022. Trump slammed the Democrats in his speech, calling them “vicious” and “violent,” and accusing them of “[sticking] together on the impeachment hoax.”

The 45th President covered other items in his address as well. He was highly critical of the Biden administration, accusing officials of “bowing down to China.” 

Trump recently called the idea of him running for the House and unseating Pelosi as Speaker “very interesting.” While this is far from a solid commitment, it’s intriguing to consider.

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