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Trump Says FBI Implicated in Steele Dossier Scandal That Targeted Him

( – It’s 2021 and the truth beyond the alleged Russia Collusion of 2016 still hasn’t been fully dealt with. But tables have turned. Now, all eyes are on Special counsel John Durham’s investigation into incidents surrounding the Russian collusion accusations towards former President Donald Trump. The former president, as usual, did not mince words when speaking about the latest coming from Durham.

Trump on Fox

Trump appeared on the November 21 episode of Life, Liberty & Levin with Mark Levin to discuss his book, “Our Journey Together.” The interview began with concerns over the current state of the country, now that Joe Biden holds the presidency. The 45th president pointed out that he was always under assault, yet still managed to do good for the country pointing at how Biden is allowing the nation to fall apart.

Later in the interview, when speaking about Russia and the Steele dossier investigation, the former president called the situation a “hoax.” He said they never had anything against him and that he wished Durham’s investigation moved more quickly, but what is coming out now is “very interesting.”

Trump went on to say everyone involved knew there was no truth to the accusations, and they only perpetrated the investigation because it made him look bad. He accused it of being a widespread plan to get Hillary Clinton elected.

Durham Investigation Recent Findings

Trump’s comments come after the recent indictment of Igor Danchenko for providing false statements to the FBI. Danchenko faces accusations that he lied when denying contact with Charles H. Dolan, Jr, an associate of Hillary Clinton’s, and information he received that went into the dossier. The FBI acted on that information, securing warrants to allow them to spy on Carter Page, Trump’s campaign adviser.

Danchenko is the third indictment to come out of Durham’s investigation of the Steele dossier. Previously, Kevin Clinesmith, an FBI attorney, admitted he falsified documents. More recently, Durham indicted Michael Sussmann, a cybersecurity lawyer with ties to the Clinton’s, who allegedly made false statements to the FBI about the former president’s connections to a Russian bank.

Moving Forward

During his exchange with Levin, Trump insinuated that the FBI bears a lot of responsibility, and he is likely correct. The bureau did falter in its due diligence, especially with regards to Danchenko. They appeared to take information at face value and run with it to secure warrants and spy on individuals associated with the president. The revelations from Durham’s investigation make the agency look biased, which is simply unacceptable.

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