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Trump Might Remove US Troops From Somalia (REPORT)

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Donald Trump has attracted plenty of criticism during his time in the presidency. However, one thing no one has been able to accuse him of is excessive use of military force. Many experts regard Trump as the least hawkish president since Jimmy Carter. Most also agree Hillary Clinton would have engaged the military far more had she made it to the White House.

On Tuesday, November 17, it was reported Trump now plans to decrease foreign military activity even further. According to anonymous sources, the commander-in-chief has decided to withdraw all US forces from Somalia. At present, around 700 American troops are stationed in the country to assist local forces in their fight against a terror group called Al-Shabaab.

Armed engagement in other countries is often necessary to promote democracy and protect American interests. However, it’s a messy and expensive business. Many commentators, on both sides of the political aisle, will welcome this move from President Trump.

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