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Trump Lawyer Claims it’s Evident That Voter Fraud Happened in Nevada

( – With all the contrasting narratives around this year’s presidential election, many people are struggling to decide who to believe. However, for a lot of those with intimate knowledge of electoral processes, there appears to be little doubt; they’re certain something improper happened.

Jesse Binnall, a senior lawyer with the Trump campaign, is one such figure. On Tuesday, December 22, the Epoch Media Group published a report detailing an interview with Binnall, during which he referred to evidence of “clear voter fraud.” 

Binnall discussed a case he pursued in his own state of Nevada alleging ballots were improperly cast. After the court rejected the first instance of his case, the Nevada Supreme Court dismissed an appeal.

Binnall is of the opinion judges are aware of electoral misconduct, but are choosing to allow it so as to support the media narrative that Biden won the election fairly.

No government can operate properly without the checks and balances offered by a neutral court system. If Jesse Binnall is to be believed, Nevada judges have failed to carry out their duty in this regard.

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