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Trump Fires Back at Michelle Obama

( – On Monday night, August 17, Michelle Obama delivered a pre-taped speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). She pulled no punches going after the president. The next day, Trump came out swinging at the former first lady.

In a series of morning tweets, Trump went after Barack Obama and his sidekick Joe Biden. He pointed out the fact that the Obama administration did a terrible job handling the H1N1 epidemic.

Trump wasn’t shy about throwing her husband’s corruption in Michelle Obama’s face either.

It’s no wonder that the president is irritated. During her Monday night speech, Michelle threw out several barbs, including saying Trump was in over his head. Oddly, she also went after Americans who didn’t vote in 2016, blaming them for Trump’s election.

Besides attacking the president, Michelle also repeatedly praised Joe Biden. One thing she didn’t do was mention Kamala Harris. According to the Associated Press, her speech was recorded before Biden made his VP pick.

If this is the result of the DNC’s first night, then America is in for an interesting week.

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