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Trump Defends Indicted Congressman

( – Former President Donald Trump knows all about being the subject of a federal investigation. Now, Trump’s coming to the defense of a Republican Congressman after federal authorities indicted him for lying to investigators. The former president’s actions come after similar incidents have unfolded without repercussions. 

Trump issued a statement just hours after GOP US Representative Jeff Fortenberry (NE) received the indictment. The former president expressed his dismay that the federal government would target Fortenberry. 

Investigators claim that the Republican lied to them about his knowledge of foreign contributions to his 2016 campaign, which is prohibited under federal law. Fortenberry protested that he knew nothing about the illegal contributions until 2018. 

Trump argued that he knows of several people, naming Hillary Clinton and James Comey, among others, who had lied to federal investigators when they attempted to prove Trump had colluded with Russia and Ukraine. The former president added that none of those people received indictments or repercussions of any kind. Fortenberry’s indictment was also for allegedly lying to federal investigators. Former President Trump continued his assault on the action by questioning whether there is any justice in America. 

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