Trump Campaign Sets Its Sights on New York

Trump Campaign Sets Its Sights on New York

( – The Trump campaign is feeling confident. So confident, in fact, that it’s starting to see a path to winning New York. Yes, seriously. On August 13, President Donald Trump said the Big Apple is “in play” in 2020.

In an Oval Office interview with the New York Post, Trump said the high crime and high taxes in the state would drive voters to the Republican Party. If Trump were to win New York somehow, it would be the first time a Republican has won the state since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Crime has been a serious problem in New York City in recent months. The number of shootings has doubled compared to this time last year.

There have also been reports that New Yorkers are leaving the nation’s biggest city in droves.

It may seem like a far-fetched dream to turn New York red. But after the disaster the Democrats have created in the state, it’s not inconceivable that the people will rise up and say enough! 

The Trump campaign is very smart to fight in the blue states. They’re bound to take some of them and, who knows, New York might be in play this year. Nothing’s off the table at this point.

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