Trump Calls Out NYT “Fake News” About His Tax History

Trump Calls Out NYT

( – On Sunday, September 27, the New York Times (NYT) published a report which put forth damning allegations about President Donald Trump’s tax affairs. In response, the president is striking back.

The NYT authors claimed the president paid just $750 in taxes in both 2016 and 2017. They further allege he made no net return at all in 11 of the 18 years for which they examined data. 

Donald Trump has strongly rejected these claims, dismissing the story as “totally fake.” A representative for the administration also stated the New York Times’ interpretation of the facts was “riddled with gross inaccuracies.”

It’s not clear how the New York Times came to possess President Trump’s tax records. It’s illegal for government employees to distribute sensitive information (such as tax returns), which means that someone may yet face charges for releasing this data.

The timing of this report has raised many eyebrows in the media. With just weeks to go until the presidential election, it appears certain there was a degree of political motivation behind its publication. As the tweet below reminds us, there are always two sides to the story when a major media organization goes after the president.

Whatever the truths or falsehoods involved in this report, it’s important to remember that hiring a good tax attorney is not a crime. Experienced business people, like Donald Trump, pay as little tax as the law will allow simply because it’s an intelligent wealth management strategy. In any case, as questions around the Biden family’s business interests in Ukraine continue to go unanswered, this story is unlikely to cause any major damage to President Trump’s campaign.

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