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Trump Calls NBC’s Kristen Welker “Terrible And Unfair”

( – After Fox News’ Chris Wallace came under fire for his perceived mistakes when moderating the first presidential debate, many have wondered what will change next time. We are set to see another debate on Thursday, October 22; NBC’s Kristen Welker will oversee the discussion this time around.

President Donald Trump has made it clear he doesn’t think Welker is up to the job. On Saturday, October 17, he took to Twitter to air his disapproval, stating his belief that the journalist will not treat him fairly because of her political orientation.

When one does a little research into Kristen Welker’s background, it’s easy to see Trump’s objections are well-founded. Her family has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Democrat party. They also spent Christmas with the Obama family in the White House in 2012.

Welker’s involvement in this debate is a transparent example of Liberal bias in the media. Whether it’ll be enough to keep Joe Biden’s shortcomings as a debater out of the spotlight remains to be seen.

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