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Trump Blasts McConnell…

( – Donald Trump is joining others in criticizing McConnell for Republican losses and the red wave that never appeared.

Trump blames McConnell for not spending enough money on Masters’ race in Arizona.

“It’s Mitch McConnell’s fault. Spending money to defeat great Republican candidates instead of backing Blake Masters and others was a big mistake. Giving 4 Trillion Dollars to Radical Left for the Green New Deal, not Infrastructure, was an even bigger mistake. He blew the Midterms, and everyone despises him and his otherwise lovely wife, Coco Chow!”

Trump and McConnell had been on the outs before the midterm election cycle. When McConnell doesn’t do as Trump expects him to do, Trump lashes out. He is joining Senators Marco Rubio, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Rick Scott, and Mike Lee in calling for accountability for Senate race losses. Johnson, Scott, and Lee sent a letter urging Republican members to postpone leadership elections which are scheduled for Wednesday.

The senators say that postponing leadership elections will give incoming Republican senator, Herschel Walker in Georgia a vote on leadership.

It’s a legitimate point. There needs to be accountability from the top of leadership on down the chain of command as to why some winnable races were not won. McConnell was correct when he spoke about the importance of candidates. However, it was part of his job to recruit candidates to run against vulnerable Democrats. Everything was in place for a red wave election and some of the candidates couldn’t close the deal. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those candidates are mostly Trump-endorsed candidates, like Blake Masters. Masters even said on the campaign trail that he would not vote for McConnell’s re-election in leadership which came off as arrogant and presumptuous. Blasting McConnell for alleged slights to Trump proved to not be a winning message.

McConnell has to explain what happened and why it happened. The same is true for Rick Scott. Scott’s ambition to replace McConnell with himself is obvious and the alleged discord between the two men likely played a part in failure.


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