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Top Republican Won’t Resign After Past Comments

( – Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Typically, elected leaders don’t express themselves in ways that offend their constituents. But some don’t care, and they might make statements that land them in hot water. 

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson (R-NC) is one of those leaders. Robinson, the first black American to hold the position, made some remarks that other people didn’t take very well. The Lt. Governor noted that it was for the protection of children and had nothing to do with the rights of certain individuals. 

Lt. Gov. Robinson spoke at a church in Seagrove, NC, asserting that there’s no reason anyone in the US should be teaching children about homosexuality or transgenderism. He classified all the topics as “filth” and noted that if anyone wanted to understand why he described the groups in such a way, they should speak to him. 

Robinson insisted he would still fight for children to get an education, but he asserted that sexual concepts didn’t have a place in the classroom. The Republican refuses to step down even as the increasing pressure for him to resign extends to the White House. The Lt. Governor vowed his willingness to fight for the rights of all individuals, including the LGBTQ community, to express themselves freely outside of school. 

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