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Tom Cotton Calls For Action Regarding Eric Swalwell And Hunter Biden

( – Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is always a prominent conservative voice when important issues in relation to ethics and best practice arise. This week, he has been outspoken about the scandals surrounding both Hunter Biden and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

On Wednesday, December 9, Hunter Biden revealed that his tax affairs were under federal investigation. It has since emerged that the probe is, in fact, broader in scope than this. In light of this, Tom Cotton has called for the appointment of a special counsel to deal with Biden’s case.

Rep. Swalwell’s story has not received as much publicity, but it has the potential to be just as damning. A report from Axios, published this week, linked the Congressman to a suspected Chinese spy who tried to access American political circles on behalf of Beijing. Cotton stated Swalwell should be removed from the House Intelligence Committee unless he makes an acceptable statement about the matter.

When listening to stories like this, it can be easy to become skeptical about the government and its integrity. However, representatives like Tom Cotton can always be relied upon to call out the missteps of others in Washington.

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