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Tlaib Votes ‘No’ on Biden Nomination

( – The Dems want you to believe they’re one big happy party unified behind Joe Biden. Are they really? Based on the votes of some of the most popular members of the party, it looks like the answer is no.

One of the House members that made her opposition known is Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). Not only does she not support Biden, but she’s also against the Democratic party platform. Tlaib says she doesn’t support the platform because it doesn’t include a plan for single-payer healthcare.

She posted a picture of her ballot where you can see that she nominated Bernie Sanders, not Biden. Tlaib endorsed Bernie during the primaries, but he’s been out of the race since April.

There’s no question that the Democratic platform is far to the left. While it doesn’t include “Medicare for All,” it does include a public option. That’s apparently not far enough for some members like Tlaib and the rest of her “squad.”

For his part, Bernie has tried to get his supporters in line behind Biden. Sanders says the most important thing is to defeat Donald Trump. It looks like Tlaib and her cohorts disagree.

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