This Is What Trump Has Done to Protect Our Rights

This Is What Trump Has Done to Protect Our Rights

( – It’s difficult to think of a political leader in recent history who has attracted as much criticism as President Donald Trump. However, anyone who has been following him closely over the last four years will be able to provide numerous examples of positive things he’s done for America. When it comes to the protection of our basic rights, it’s tough to name a president who has worked harder than Trump.

Freedom of Speech

In recent years, Liberals have increasingly sought to replace our right to freedom of speech with their insistence on predetermined narratives. President Trump has rejected this in the strongest possible terms. In 2019, he signed an executive order protecting free expression on college campuses, threatening to withdraw federal funding from institutions that made efforts to suppress free speech.

The Second Amendment

Our right to bear arms has also come under attack in recent years. Luckily, this is another freedom Trump has worked hard to maintain. In 2019, for example, he released a statement saying he would veto a highly problematic gun control bill that had received approval in the House of Representatives. 

Donald Trump has taken an unapologetic line when it comes to the preservation of our fundamental freedoms. We’re unlikely to see such fierce protection of our rights if Joe Biden were to actually become president.

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