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They Found WHAT Living Inside His Colon?

( – The medical community often provides us with some of the most stomach-churning stories around. Any readers familiar with the pimple-popping video craze on YouTube will know exactly what we mean by that. A 2019 publication from the ACG Case Reports Journal shares a finding that’s equal measures disgusting and intriguing.

While carrying out a colonoscopy procedure on an otherwise healthy 59-year-old man, doctors happened across something decidedly unusual: a live ladybug. The creature had found a home in the patient’s transverse colon, and the medical professionals in charge of his care couldn’t say how it ended up there. They speculated the creature most likely entered the man’s body through his mouth while he was asleep.

In order for doctors to get a proper look at a patient’s insides during a colonoscopy, they need to take steps to clear out the digestive system. The day before this man’s procedure, he consumed polyethylene glycol, a laxative that helps relieve constipation. This may explain how the bug remained relatively unharmed despite traveling so far through the man’s digestive tract.

As the authors of the case report noted, ladybugs are “cherished for being pretty [and] harmless.” While this man was likely flummoxed as to how a ladybug ended up inside him, he was also surely glad he didn’t swallow an insect that could have caused greater damage.

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