Wednesday, December 7, 2022

“The View” Host Declares 69 Million Trump Voters Are “Selfish”

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( – Hearing left-leaning media figures casually dismiss or denigrate huge chunks of America’s population is nothing new. In fact, with the amount of focus on political matters over recent weeks, we have heard even more of this kind of rhetoric than usual.

The View vs. The President

On Thursday, November 5, Sunny Hostin of “The View” gave us the most recent example. During the show’s daily airing, Hostin addressed the ongoing vote counts and shared her opinion on the election and our president. 

She called Donald Trump a “racist,” “a misogynist,” and “homophobic,” and blamed him for causing “over 250,000 deaths” related to COVID-19. The last claim came despite the fact less than 240,000 Americans have died from the virus.

Taking aim at a politician one disagrees with is a perfectly acceptable thing to do as a media figure, even if their opinions are misguided. However, Hostin did not stop with Donald Trump.

Hostin went on to say the 69 million Americans who had voted for the incumbent were “selfish.” She said she would not accuse these people of racism or sexism themselves, but that they should make more of an effort to think of “the plight of their fellow Americans.”

Where Sunny Hostin Went Wrong

There are a few problems with Hostin’s assessment of the situation. Most notably, many of the people she alleges are being ignorant of the struggles of others are among the very people struggling. A lot of Donald Trump’s supporters in this election came from minority groups, particularly Latino communities.

The official results of the election may not become clear until late December. If Joe Biden is declared the winner, people like Sunny Hostin will be rid of the president they detest so fiercely. However, the millions of Americans they ridicule and insult with their comments will not have gone anywhere. 

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