Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Trump Campaign Hits Nevada

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( – President Donald Trump landed in Minden, NV, for a rally on Saturday, September 12. As a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican president since 2004, Nevada could prove crucial in Donald Trump’s bid for re-election. 

The president continued his campaign, visiting Arizona on Sunday before moving on to California early on Monday.

During the Nevada event, Trump repeated many of his core campaign messages when talking to voters, including his respect for the military and his opposition to leftist movements like Antifa. He also commented on Joe Biden’s unsuitability for the role of president, claiming the Vice President nominee Kamala Harris would wield more power than Biden should the Democrats take the White House.

Part of the Republican party’s optimism about Nevada stems from the growing Trump support among Latinos there. Florida, another important battleground state, is also an area in which the Latino population has displayed a definite shift away from the Democrats in recent weeks and months.

Despite Biden’s stronger early performances in opinion polls, burgeoning support for Trump in key states like Nevada shows the 2020 election will be a close one. 

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