Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Pandemic Might put an end to America’s Bloated College Industry

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As most people are aware, the vast majority of America’s colleges and universities are liberal bastions where students spend four or more years being indoctrinated with Marxist theory.  However, the house of cards that is America’s college education system is quickly tumbling down.  The coronavirus pandemic is steering more students away from traditional on-campus education to the web for online learning.  This just might be the beginning of the end for America’s overpriced and largely worthless college and university system.

Colleges Were in Trouble Even Before the Pandemic

America’s college education system was on the brink of failure before the pandemic hit.  The cost of college has ballooned to the point that few families can afford to send their teen to the local university for a basic undergraduate degree.  Add in the cost of room and board on campus and the price tag of the college experience becomes even more egregiously expensive.  Furthermore, college degrees no longer open the same doors that they did in the past.  This is precisely why enrollments have dissipated in recent years. 

In particular, colleges and universities with comparably small or nonexistent endowment funds have endured considerable financial stress.  The pandemic has accelerated the fall of America’s college education system as more and more college-age youngsters are choosing to learn online from the safety and comfort of home with a comparably inexpensive online degree program. 

North Carolina is a Microcosm of the Overarching Education Problem

Writer and researcher Shannon Watkins recently penned quite the intriguing piece about the financial problems of North Carolina’s universities and colleges.  Watkins examines the finances of these higher education institutions based on the analysis detailed in the latest Hechinger Report.  Numerous private and public colleges and universities within the state of North Carolina are enduring significant financial problems. 

In fact, the scope of the financial distress even extends to North Carolina community colleges.  This is quite the disturbing finding as it would seem to make sense for the pandemic to convince that many more students to remain as close to home as possible, meaning community college enrollment should swell.  However, low-cost community colleges are struggling just as much as the state’s universities and colleges. 

The fact that attendance figures at community colleges are falling is a sign that more students are opting to learn through online degree programs or simply not learn at all.  It is quite possible we are shifting back toward the times when high school graduates entered the workforce rather than strive for advanced education.

The Decline of America’s Liberal College Institutions Will Continue

Watkins is adamant America’s college education system will continue to decline in the years ahead, even if the pandemic comes to an abrupt end in 2020 or 2021 as a result of a vaccine.  In short, the college scam is being exposed.  Outside of advanced degrees in the hard sciences, few college degrees are worth their cost.  Rather, America’s college system transforms innocent youngsters into leftist indentured servants forced to repay loans for years or even decades into the future while earning less than their parents’ generation in real dollars. 

The fact that the pandemic has brought an end to the on-campus college “experience” is the silver bullet that just might forever-change this corrupt industry for good.  Look for that many more colleges to close their doors in the next couple years or possibly even merge with nearby institutions in a last-ditch attempt to survive.

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