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The Ocean Is Covered With Face Masks

( – COVID-19 has had an impact on far more than just our health. The alterations we’ve made to our everyday lives to accommodate the virus have had knock-on effects that we’re only beginning to understand.

Disposable masks, for example, are now clogging up waste management systems across the world. Most people use surgical masks rather than reusable options, with the vast majority of these sent to landfills. 

It appears the environment is already paying a heavy price for this state of affairs. On Tuesday, March 9, the BBC published a report showing coral reefs in the Philippines have been negatively affected by the volume of masks in the water. Divers investigating marine areas near Manila have found areas of coral “covered with single-use face masks.”

It’s not just coral reefs that are at risk, either. Medical waste poses a number of risks to marine creatures and other wildlife as well.

It’s ironic that, in America, the policymakers pushing for draconian mask policies are the same individuals who promote and celebrate environmental initiatives at every turn.

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