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The National Guard are Now Bus Drivers

( – The National Guard serves as a reserve for the US Army and Air Force. In addition, during times of emergency, the government can activate the Guard to supply aid to certain areas. Of course, it’s likely none of them expected to be bus drivers. 

In Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker announced that an estimated 250 National Guardsmen will eventually be available to drive school transports. As of Tuesday, around 90 personnel are training for service and set to start working in Lawrence, Lynn, Chelsea and Lowell. The activation comes during a time of national short staffing for bus drivers as the pandemic continues. 

The Guardsmen won’t be driving long, yellow school buses. Instead, they’ll be operating 7D vehicles, which are often vans. They’ll still undergo any training the schools require before transporting children. Each vehicle carries a maximum number of ten passengers, excluding the driver. 

In the past year, the National Guard has worked as a “fix-all,” and it seems to be becoming the norm for the service. In New York, a councilman asked their new Governor, Kathy Hochul, to send Guardsmen to Rikers Island Correctional Facility to thwart short staffing in the prison. 

These people signed up to defend our borders, but it seems the government is justifying putting National Guardsmen anywhere as long as no one else wants the job. What will officials expect of them next? 

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