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Texas Takes on Border Smuggling With New Operation

( – With the Biden administration refusing to acknowledge the dangers of its ultra-liberal border agenda, it’s falling to the states to undertake security initiatives. Texas, the state that shares the longest border with Mexico, is leading the charge.

On Saturday, March 6, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced the launch of “Operation Lone Star,” a scheme that will aim to address the problem of border smuggling in the state. Abbott announced the project jointly with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Other agencies, including the Texas National Guard and other security outfits, will also be involved.

Abbott blamed “Mexican cartels and other smugglers” for an influx of drugs and undocumented migrants into the state of Texas. He took aim at the “open border policies” that made this project necessary. Other representatives have praised the governor and the other entities involved for taking this step to address smuggling.

If Joe Biden’s laissez-faire attitude to our borders persists, you can expect to see other states undertaking projects like this one before too long.

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