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Ted Cruz Reveals What Joe Biden’s Policies Are Really Doing to Americans

( – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is consistently one of the most active Republicans when it comes to highlighting the dangers of Democratic radicalism. This has been evident in his response to the border crisis. On Monday, June 21, he shared a tweet where he slammed the Biden administration’s failure to adequately address the situation.

Cruz also recently highlighted another problem Biden’s careless policymaking has caused in relation to the border. Speaking from the Senate floor, he pointed to the fact that legal border crossings were, until recently, impossible in many areas because the administration had closed land ports of entry. Nonessential travel, such as for shopping and family visits, was not allowed until June 21 because of the pandemic.

Undocumented migrants, Cruz said, were able to “stream across the border,” but law-abiding people seeking to engage in everyday activities could not cross it. He pointed out that this was having a hugely detrimental effect on border cities whose economies rely on open travel between Mexico and the US.

Once again, Senator Cruz has cut to the heart of a major issue facing Americans. Democrats and liberal voters tend to direct plenty of vitriol toward Cruz, and it’s not hard to see why.

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